Established in 1996, our company operate and manage various kinds of western, chinese food and Japanese food.

We aim to provide fresh and excellent dishes and making them not only look good and smell good but also taste good.

Meiking Rest.

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| Meiking Rest.
Traditional Restaurant in HK

Meiking Rest.

2004: Meiking Rest. was known as the most represantative design for Hong Kong culture.

2007:The simmering debate on the declaration of the cultural heritage of the cafe now seems to still buzzing.

The restaurant seems to be small,

However, it does stay important to all of the Hong Kongers,

and no one will blame that as it is a fact.

Meiking Rest.was established in 1989, which is the oldest one,

adhering to the concept of restaurants, highly match up with the fast pace of Hong Kong.

There is nothing to say with th price,

only $20-$30 for a delicious meal,

no matter the professionals, or someone with slipper, they are willing to come over here to take a rest;

The atmosphere here is the best instruments to play beautiful songs, lightening up our boring life.

We improve the recipes every year to make them better, with interculture, Meiking Rest. has been the representative of changing spirit of Hong Kong,

Show the creativity of the people of Hong Kong, belongs to Hong Kong.