Established in 1996, our company operate and manage various kinds of western, chinese food and Japanese food.

We aim to provide fresh and excellent dishes and making them not only look good and smell good but also taste good.

Moikken Rest.

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Japanese Restaurant in Hk

| Moikken Cafe
Western & Chinese Restaurant

| Meiking Rest.
Traditional Restaurant in HK

Moikken Cafe

Our Concept

In the 60s-90s of Hong Kong, cosmopolitan coexistence, under the jurisdiction of the British Empire, freedom,

Open and prosperous, have made restaurants in Hong Kong sprung up flourishing. Gourmet paradise of the world-renowned.

The Hong Kong-style restaurants is extremely important to all of us. ' However,

lots of people hate it, look it down, thinking that's dirty and unlovely...' well, that will only happened in the past.

'Mix&Match', a kind of Hong Kong food. The place of a colony,

to present 'Mix&Match'. If you ask 'what would be the best choice to present?' The Hong Kong-style restaurants will be the best answer for sure.

Not selling fish ball noodles, not selling roasted meat with rice, not selling side dishes, not selling Soy Western either...

Just let your heart say......Moikken Restaurant

Retro interpretation brought by the British Empire. All start by England, France, Italy 1960s.

The atmosphere here is the best instruments to play beautiful songs,
lightening up our boring life.
She is still a rich, convenient, fast, multi-change restaurant
Having a cup of tea,
close your eyes
and leave down all your burden from your heart.

Have a taste of Hong Kong,
start from here...

Moikken Cafe

Hope to become a restaurant which is to everyone's taste.